The Phoenix canoe embodies its namesake, offering exceptional maneuverability, stability, and versatility for solo and tandem paddling adventures.


Crafted with high-quality materials and expert engineering.


A canoe you can trust for years to come.

Made in UK

Designed and built by passionate paddlers who understand your needs.

Craving the freedom of solo paddling in a tandem canoe?

Traditional tandems can feel bulky and cumbersome for solo adventures. This pocket Prospector solves this by offering exceptional maneuverability and lightweight construction, making it a joy to paddle on your own.

Battling wind and waves can be a chore in a bulky canoe

The Phoenix has been designed to cut through wind and handles rough water with ease, thanks to its streamlined design and efficient traditional hull shape.

The Phoenix is crafted from high-quality, lightweight materials.

Built with premium, lightweight materials, the Phoenix allows for effortless paddling, letting you cover more ground with less fatigue

Intelligent design offers exceptional stability without sacrificing speed,

Whether paddling solo or with a companion, the Phoenix inspires confidence. Its design provides a stable platform for navigating calm lakes or choppier waters.
Solo or tandem

The Phoenix offers the versatility of conquering waterways solo or with a companion.

Solo Paddling:

The Phoenix's lightweight design and comfortable seating make it ideal for solo adventures. Experience the thrill of navigating tranquil waters or challenging currents at your own pace.

Tandem Paddling:

The Phoenix comfortably accommodates two paddlers, providing ample space for gear and ensuring a smooth ride for both. Enjoy the camaraderie of paddling with a friend or family member and explore hidden rivers or scenic stretches of water together.


The Phoenix lives up to its namesake, gracefully carving through the water with exceptional maneuverability.

Effortless Control:

Its lightweight construction and well-balanced design allow for effortless control, even in tight spaces or around obstacles.

Confident Navigation:

Whether you're navigating narrow channels, weaving through reeds, or dodging rocks, the Phoenix's responsiveness gives you the confidence to tackle any adventure.


Conquer choppy waters with confidence thanks to the Phoenix's exceptional stability.

Unwavering Performance:

The Phoenix's unique hull shape slices through waves with ease, providing a stable platform for paddling in even the most challenging conditions.

Confidence-Inspiring Stability:

Whether you're a seasoned paddler or just starting out, the Phoenix's balanced design will inspire confidence and allow you to focus on enjoying your journey.

  • 4340mm/14’3”
  • 850mm/33.5”
  • 384mm/15.2”
  • TBC

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Paddlers on Fire: What Our Ambassadors Are Saying About the Phoenix  

Here, we ignite the passion for paddling with the voices of our incredible ambassadors, here's what they have to say about this revolutionary canoe:

Lyndsay Mcphee

I’m super excited about the baby prospector, as it will have all the great features of the original prospector, but being a little shorter it will make moving around on and off the water a little easier, plus who doesn’t love the idea of a Family of Hou Canoe Prospectors. 

Lyndsay Mcphee is a true Northern Irish next generation coach and one of only a handful of young multi-discipline female coaches. She is a highly talented paddler, coach and guide who works throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. If Lyndsey is not on the water for work reasons, she is on it pushing her own paddling to new levels.

Andy Oughton

Really, really looking forward to getting to know this new ‘pocket’ prospector. A boat designed for the mad English desire to paddle tandem boats solo! Shaving off the weight and piling on the moveability, this should be a game changer for white water performance and open water wind management. Great to have a manufacturer that has understood the ridiculous brief of the modern UK open boater.  

Andy is a well known and highly respected Canoe Coach and Coach Educator. Based in the middle of the UK he is always off on his travels by canoe in all directions. Andy was founder and part of the team who paddled the Bliss Canoe Trail in 2017, over 800 miles round the inland waterways of the UK.

Justin Snell

Watching canoe paddlers in the UK it seems the majority of dedicated canoeists want to paddle solo, and with kit, be that day trips or multi day trip. The existing canoes on offer are all on the large side or too small and it just seems there is a hole in the offerings from all manufacturers.


Some imported canoes are about the right size but are built for rivers unlike our UK rivers, the boats either have too much or not enough rocker, or the construction materials just don’t quite work as well as they could for the UK where our rivers are smaller and more rocky.


So it seems an obvious decision to take our best selling  Prospector and make a smaller version that works well for solo paddling but can also be used as a tandem boat if required.

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