Vimto hōu 13 Tandem

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Our all time favourite young crew canoe, the Hou 13 but for a limited period available in Vimto purple and with mould in Vimto logos. Boom!


The Hou 13 is a fantastic little canoe that is ideally suited for smaller paddlers. Think of teaching young people to ride on and adults bike, it just doesn't work well. So if you have smaller people who want to go canoeing this is the canoe for you. Being smaller it has much improved responsiveness so when you get it right with the paddle you will feel the way the canoe responds unlike when you put a small person in a big canoe!


The Vimto collaboration is allowing us to fund a fleet of canoes for Warrington Youth Club and the North West Onside Youth Zones. These guys help over 45,000 young people every year to gain much needed life skills through activities including canoeing!


So, if you want a great canoe that will look after you smaller crew whilst you also help a great cause then this is the canoe for you. The Vimto Hou 13

Weight: 24 Kg
Carrying Capacity: 100 Kgs
Length: 13 Ft 3"
Width: 30"
Depth: 12"
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