Verano CanCan Canoe

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Verano CanCan 16, an amazing inflatable canoe. Drop Stitch technology direct from the Paddle Board world has allowed the development of this amazing inflatable canoe with our German developers.


It will carry 2 adults and 2 children with ease (up to 400Kg) or can be loaded up for a camping trip. Its construction means its super stiff and therefore paddles well. The hull shape allows good tracking with manoeuvrability when you need it. Super safe with three separate air compartments ensure good safety on open water. This canoe can be used on rivers, lakes, canals and general open water.


The CanCan 16 comes in a wheel bag with pump, 3 paddles, 3 seats and all you need to get the  boat on the water and having fun.

Length: 488cm/16 Feet

Width: 96cm/37 Inch

Depth: 40cm/15 Inch


Pack weight: 32Kg inc bag, pump, paddles, boat, seats etc.

Pack Size: 50cm x 70cm x 80cm approx.

| Ian B-W 05-09-2020 15:07

Great service from Justin at Hou Canoes, plenty of advice, excellent canoe and good after-sales support. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

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