Verano SUP 13.3 LT - Paddle Board

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The Verano SUP 13.3 LT Paddle Board is a fantastic Lightweight Touring paddle board for those paddlers wanting to go on day trips and short to medium paddling tours. With its increased length and sleek lines this board eats up the miles for fun.

It is super easy to inflate, straight form the bag in just 7mins and with an overall board size of 405cm x 80cm x 15cm deep it is just made for easy touring and exploring. The boards sleek style provides a great balance of stability and forward paddling efficiency making touring easy and fun. It will also carry a good load with a capacity of 150Kgs you can take plenty of kit with you as well in the two elasticated storage areas front and rear.

The board comes with everything you need to get going including pump, fin, adjustable paddle and a great storage/transport back pack style bag which measures just 90cm x 40cm x 25cm and weighs only 16Kgs including all the accessories. Board weight is just 13Kg.

So get out the and enjoy paddle board touring, its a great way to escape daily life and enjoy the water.


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