Peak Canoe Air Bags

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Tough welded PVC nylon construction. Eyelets and D ring for easy lacing into your canoe. Inflation pipe and quick deflation valve, these Air Bags have it all. One size 36 inch, Sold in Pairs.


Using Air Bags in a canoe is generally seen as an advantage if you are paddling in white water, or in big expanses of open water. In white water environments the bags will keep a bit of water out but should make effecting rescues much easier and quicker. Its kind of the same in the open water environment too, if the event of a capsize when you are a long way from the safety of land then having air bags does make self rescue quicker and easier.

All our canoes float when full of water due to the inherent buoyancy built in, air bags are the added factor if paddling in the above mentioned challenging environments.

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