hōu knows the difference? - A.R.N.I.3 Layer PE Open Canoes & Armerlite Thermo Composite

A.R.N.I.3 Layer PE Open Canoes

Since the demise of Royalex, the focus on canoe materials is back to the 3 layer PE. But are all 3 layer materials the same?

Royalex was lighter, it was fairly tough too, but sadly it’s no longer available. Traditional three layer plastics (made up of an inner and outer plastic with a foam core), were always seen as a poor second. We wanted to develop a material that is stiff, lightweight, tough, wear resistant and simply repairable if needed. Oh, and it mustn’t cost the earth. Not much of a tall order then!

Rather than trying to invent a brand new material, the most obvious solution was to look at improving the material that is already out there. We found some friendly scientists who were able to look at the 3 layer PE material on an Atomic level, and were then able to tune and control the material to affect stiffness, wear and weight at a Nano level whilst it’s being Rotary moulded. It’s also important to be able to dial back these adjustments if required, so the Inversion ability was also added to the mix.

From this A.R.N.I.3 was born and we now have the toughest, stiffest and hardest wearing 3 layer canoes available. - Perfect for all waters.




Armerlite Thermo Composite

Armerlite is a composite material of interwoven glass fibre and polypropylene. The material is layered in the canoe mould, vacuum bagged and cooked in a large oven where the polypropylene melts around the fibres. After cooling you have a stiff, durable and light weight canoe. A sandwich base helps stiffen the hull and adds buoyancy.

The result is a very strong and abrasion resistant canoe, perfect for wilderness tripping and river running.

Armerlite has been tested and canoed in Europe for 12 years, and we are proud to be adding the material to the hōu Canoes stable.

Advantages: Stiff and lightweight with the durability of a plastic boat. Enhances speed and acceleration, portage is easier.

Trim: Wood or Vinyl. All models