hōu 13 canoe

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Our smallest and what we think is the most fun boat in the range. The hōu 13 is based on a Peterborough Canoe Company design classic. The original design spec was a boat that would carry ‘smallish’ loads, be relatively light and easy to portage, but would track well and paddle easily on open water, lakes, rivers and low grade white water.

The main aim of the boat was to ‘look after the solo paddler’ and their kit, in the majority of conditions including white water.

The ‘baby Prospector’, fine entry on the bow and stern, classic re-curve, moderate tumble home and the classic open canoe look.  Complemented by a shallow v hull that gives good initial as well as great secondary stability and assists the solo paddling experience so well.

Weight: From 22Kg
Carrying Capacity: 110Kgs
Length: 13 Ft 3"
Width: 30"
Depth: 12"
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