Goodwood Paddle (Limited Edition)

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The Goodwood paddle is a limited edition Canadian Beavertail style paddle crafted from a single piece of Ash timber.
A timeless classic design that is simplicity perfected. The T grip handle is ergonomically shaped and the Hou Canoes logo is branded into the wood in the traditional style.
The blade measures 66cm long and 17cm wide with an area of 892 square cm. The paddle weighs in at just over 800g and is varnished using a unique mixture of resins to ensure great paddle longevity.
The traditional shape of this deep water paddle is time tested and is to be found in most canoeists paddle quivers. Great for deep water paddling but not so suited to bouncing off rocks!
This paddle will make you smile! Available in 57 inch, 60 inch and 63 inch lengths

If you need to work out paddle sizes, as always there’s more than one way skin an egg. The simplest way is to measure from the middle of your ‘Chipple’ region to the floor. (Chin to Nipples is your Chipple region) and if you have a paddle of about this size you should be fine!

The somewhat more refined way of measuring for your paddle is as follows.

Kneel down on one knee ensuring both knees are at 90 degrees, just like in the picture,

although you don’t have to have a dog, but they can help. Hold a pole/brush vertically with your hand, again like in the picture with your arm roughly horizontal. Then measure form the top edge of your closed hand to the floor. Take this measurement and then select the paddle with the shaft length that is closest to your measurement. This then gives you the Paddle Length you need for that particular design of paddle.


As always if you have any questions, drop us a mail or give us a call.

Good Wood

Shaft Length    Paddle Length

32”                  57”

35”                  60”

38”                  63”


Thanks to Grant, Ellie and Gigha form CAG Adventures for the picture


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