Verano Catfish

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The Verano Catfish is an amazing inflatable fishing platform that will carry two persons on rivers and lakes. It is tough and yet lightweight is amazing due to the Fusion Drop Stitch PVC construction.

The boat will take an electric powered outboard or can be propelled by paddles/oars. It has attachment points for oars as well as an anchor so you can stay in place over your favourite swim. The two swivel seats ensure you are comfortable for a days fishing and low sides makes life easy too. The boat is super stable and super stiff. When inflated the boat measures 451cm x 150cm x 50cm deep, it weighs just 55Kgs and comes with everything you need in a pack that measures just 160cm x 50cm x 50cm. making a boat of this size that is easy to transport and store. Inflation takes just 18 minutes and the boat will carry a load of 400 Kgs.

Ideal for lake and river fishing without the hassle of a trailer and without the hassle of normal boat storage.

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