Verano Calypso Inflatable Boat

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The Verano Calypso is a step forward in boat design. Developed with our industry friends in Germany this boat has an amazing Drop Stitch floor giving it great rigidity and full size sponson tubes give amazing stability.

The Calypso is great as a rescue boat or just as a family boat for days out on lakes, rivers or canals. It can be paddled, rowed or motored easily with an electric outboard. The boat measures 420cm x 120cm x 32.5cm deep and will carry up to 370Kgs of weight on up to three seats. The boat weight is just 37Kgs.

When deflated the boat packs away into a wheelie bag that measures just 110cm x 60cm x 40cm. The package includes paddles/oars, rowlocks, seats, pump, transom and boat. Inflation time is just an amazing 18mins and you will be away onto the water.

The boat is made from our trusted Fusion PVC Drop Stitch technology which assures you of the finest construction and durability.

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