Verano California Paddle Drive

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The Verano California Paddle Drive, an amazing pedal driven inflatable kayak where you are 'hands free' whilst paddling with your pedals! Great for fishing, bird watching, photography or just getting out on the water in style. This boat is made using Drop Stitch Fusion PVC, just like an inflatable paddle board, designed and spec'd by our friends in Germany its an awesome craft.


A truly ingenious watercraft design by our friends at Verano in Germany utilising their combined years of knowledge on boat and kayak design, the boys from Bavaria have come up with a true classic. This pedal driven inflatable kayak allows you to glide across the water still with your hands free for either taking photographs, nature watching, fishing or even reading a book! The boat will carry up to 200Kg and is 420cm x 95cm x 28cm deep with a weight of just 29Kgs including the Paddle Drive system. This means your boat will be super stable as well as efficient through the water. 


The boat packs down into a wheelbase/rucksack and will measure just 60cm x 60cm x 120cm which means it will fit into the boot of the car or motor home with ease. The craft is ready to paddle so includes not just the boat but a super deluxe seating system, pump, pedal drive system, paddle and everything you need to get going and have fun out on the water.


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