Verano California Duo

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The ultimate duo person inflatable touring kayak, manufactured using drop stitch technology straight from the inflatable paddle board market. This kayak is super efficient through the water and will carry two people with great ease of paddling ensuring a great day on rivers, lakes, or canals.

This boat is made from Drop Stitch Fusion PVC which ensures great usability as well as great product durability. Inflation time is just 9 minutes whilst the boat measures 473cm x 85cm x 33cm deep and a weight if just 23Kgs. Amazingly the boat packs down into a wheelie bag/rucksack and measures just 115cm x 50cm x 43cm in total. This pack size includes the pump, seats, boat and paddles. The boat itself will carry a weight of 220Kg when on the water.

Due to the unique design by our friends in Germany the boat glides with ease ensuring you have an enjoyable touring experience every time you go out on the water. Please note there is also a rudder upgrade available on this boat which operates from a set of foot pedals would you wish to increase the manoeuvrability of your kayak. 

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