Spade Kayaks Bliss

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The Bliss. Similar in shape and style to its big brother The Joker. The boat is fast, confident inspiring and designed to give you the best day on the river ever. The boat will track confidently through tough eddy lines and run well as a down river boat too.


Again like the Joker, should you wish to load the stern you will find splats, tall spins and all this tricks are your new best friends! The Bliss will help you take your freestyle river play to the next level.


The bow rocker has been tweaked to allow you to keep your nose dry while charging through harder rapids or whilst surfing those technical smaller waves.

Safety as always has been maxed by the Spade guys and girls with maximum space in the cockpit to enable you to sit comfortably for many hours on the river. The boat also features 5 handles, a solid footrest and a full sized cockpit for save and easy exit.

Length: 245cm
Width: 65cm
Weight: 20kg
Volume: 235L
Optimum Paddler Weight Range: 60-90k

Outfitting designed by the guys and girls at Spade is focussed on ergonomics. The seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards so you can set the boat up to paddle exactly as you want or leave it central for a neutral style. The hip pads, thigh braces and footrest systems are all included as standard so the boat will work for you straight out of the box. (It doesn't actually come in a box). It is important to understand that the seat, tower and cockpit have all been designed to be super ergo as well as to work in conjunction to provide the safest possible cage/pod in any pin situations, hence maximising your easy exit if required.

The Bliss, the most fun you can have in a small to medium half slice!


Please drop us an email or give us a call for colour options available from stock. Or if you want to demo then let us know and we will make it happen.


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