Spade Kayaks Black Jack

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The Black Jack is an awesome all round white water kayak that works well for creaking right through to big volume continental alpine style rivers. The combination of flat bottom and and dynamic rail design allows for the paddler to enjoy ultimate reactivity at all times. This is combined with high rocker ends and positive volume distribution which makes a great white water and coaching boat that is still loads of fun to paddle and easy to manage.

The Black jack runs well through the boil bits and will huck into eddies with ease. This boat will look after you on the bumpy stuff and the steeper stuff for sure. With positive side profile and rail design the boat not only runs true and carries speed but will also spin and turn exactly as you would want it to.

As with the Queen of Hearts and the Bliss, this is not just a scaled down version if its big brother. This boat has been specifically designed to work for the smaller to medium size paddlers in the same way the Royal Flush is designed to work for the bigger paddlers. We don't just scale the same design.



Ultimate Paddler Weight: 60-85kg

Length: 256cm

Width: 66cm

Weight: 20kg

Volume: 285L


Outfitting designed by the guys and girls at Spade is focussed on ergonomics. The seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards so you can set the boat up to paddle exactly as you want or leave it central for a neutral style. The hip pads, thigh braces and footrest systems are all included as standard so the boat will work for you straight out of the box. (It doesn't actually come in a box). It is important to understand that the seat, tower and cockpit have all been designed to be super ergo as well as to work in conjunction to provide the safest possible cage/pod in any pin situations, hence maximising your easy exit if required.


The Black Jack, the ultimately well mannered and highly experienced river runner and coaching boat for small to medium paddlers.


Please drop us an email or give us a call for colour options available from stock. Or if you want to demo then let us know and we will make it happen.


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